Avast is considered as one of the perfect antivirus software worldwide to protect your system against various threats. It mechanism work in a great way to protect your system, but at the same users have also faced certain errors due to which they frequently needed to dial a tech support phone helpline for antivirus issues. Many users after Windows 10 upgrade installed previous version of Avast antivirus and some switched to Windows Defender. Though Avast antivirus is fully compatible with Windows 10, but, still, some errors may occur. Here, you will know about the reported errors along with the solutions. If you are facing any of them, it’s really going to help you in great way. So, let’s have a look at that:

Avast antivirus issues solutions in Windows 10

Windows 10 Action center unable to recognize Avast

It is one of the most frequent issue in which Windows 10 Action Center is not able to find Avast. If this error happens, you will receive pop-up message showing “Windows Defender and Avast Antivirus are both turned off” or “Windows is unable to find any antivirus program”. However, if you are also receiving same issues, you can go through the solution steps as shown below:

· First, make download of Driver Agent Plus

· Once download is completed, you need to run Driver Agent Plus.

· Now, make a click on Start scan button and allow Driver Agent Plus to download all drivers.

· Now, disable and re-enabled Avast antivirus so that windows could recognize it.

Ø Right click on task bar of Avast icon.

Ø Now, go to Shield Control and opt disable for 10 minutes.

Ø Again enable it in the same way.

Avast makes Windows to have Black Screen issue

It is also another issue that many users have reported after Avast antivirus installation on Windows 10 that cause a black screen on display. If, you are also experiencing this issue, you can either have a Tech customer services for Avast antivirus or you may follow the solution procedure as shown below:

· Open Avast user interface by clicking on Avast icon in taskbar.

· Now, choose Active Protection with Settings tab.

· Now, to have file system field you need to click on Customize.

· With Exclusive tab add the following extension:

C:\Windows\Explorer.exe,’ and ‘C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe


· Restart your system.

These above shown procedure would have surely resolved your problem. However, if you still find trouble, you are recommended to make a call on a Windows technical support number to have an accurate and perfect solution for complete issues caused due to Avast antivirus. Read more about here uninstall Avast antivirus: