QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the best and effective parts of QuickBooks software that help to manage many systems at a time to manage complete accounting activity and payroll of a company. But, as similar to other software, there may be also certain situations in which you could face trouble with your QuickBooks Enterprise software. QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 freezing issues is also one of them in which you could face the trouble of it, so here in this situation; one can dial a technical support phone number for QuickBooks Enterprise to have a solution for freezing issues. Read more about enterprise: https://sites.google.com/site/getinstan…

QuickBooks Enterprise freezing issues appear as an error – 6123,0 while using a QuickBooks company files on a network with the multiuser mode or while restoring a backup. There are many reasons of receiving this error which has been shown as below:

• Network connection with the host of the computer gets disrupted.

• Firewalls obstruct QuickBooks from accessing important ports.

• Running of multiple QuickBooks data service.

• If McAfee privacy service installed.

• Restoring of backup directly from the flash drive.

• Corrupted company file.

These are few reasons of getting this error. Here, you can have proAdvisor expert’s assistance with the help of a customer tech support number for QuickBooks Proadvisor. Anyway, you can also go through this article post to have a solution this error-6123,0. So, let’s have a look at the solution procedure:

Downloading of QuickBooks files doctor

• Here, you first need to download, run, and install QuickBooks file doctor.

• After going through all these procedures, if you still find trouble, then you can proceed to next solution procedure.

Manual resolution of error -6123, 0

• Restart and reboot your system. This will make your system close all programs that create conflict in your system and help to reload and re-establish your network connection.

• If you have a single-user limitation, then stop multi-user hosting.

Check for hibernation mode on the host computer

If your computer is in hibernation mode, then it can cause an interruption in your QuickBooks connection. So, here you may need to reconfigure or disable to prevent the obstruction of connection. Here, you need to make a double click on Windows Control Panel power option to have a modification in hibernation settings.


With all these procedures you can easily have a solution for freezing issues and error – 6123,0. However, if you need to have more information, then you can dial a QuickBooks technical support number to have complete help for your accounting software issue.