IncrediMail is an advanced emailing that offers you many amazing features to make your email favorable with lots with varies ways. It is a unique and different emailing application that makes you to have wide collection of customizable and personalize features that makes your email look really elegant with varied visual effects. With such innovative and charming features, there are also certain situations in which you could face trouble while using your IncrediMail. Recently some users have reported for crash issue in IncrediMail due to which they frequently needed to get connect with tech experts for IncrediMail so that they can easily find solution.

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If you have installed latest version of IncrediMail, it should work smoothly. Anyway, if you are facing crashing issues, it can happen because of varied reasons such as incompatibility issue with program, computer memory, corrupted file etc. Here, you can dial a tech support number for IncrediMail to have a proper diagnosis and correction for IncrediMail issues. However, here in this article post some known issues have been listed that can crash IncrediMail. So, let’s have a look at these issues and solutions:

Crash while sending, receiving or using Windows live account

In this situation, you need to reconfigure your email account. And, for doing this you need to go through the procedures as shown below:

· In main window of IncrediMail, you just need to click on Tools menu and then need to choose Email account.

· In Mail accounts dialog, click on Add.

· Now, you will find Account Wizard dialog box. Here, you can configure your email account either automatically or manually.

Crash while general send and receive

Here, you need to update IncrediMail using Full setup file. With Full setup file, you can easily update your IncrediMail.


Crash while receiving message or notifications from Facebook

This issue happens because of background sound attached with Facebook notifications emails. So, here crash issue is not with IncrediMail, and so it also happens with other email clients.

Crash while playing video and attachments

This error usually happens because of other application that conflicts with IncrediMail. So, try to uninstall the program that has been described in error message.


Hope, these all crashes with IncrediMail would be successfully resolved. However, if you need to know more about crashes, you can dial an IncrediMail technical support number to have direct assistance of IncrediMail experts.