There are large numbers of users worldwide who all have switched to Windows 10 and are really enjoying its’ great and innovative features. But at the same time, with its great features, there are also many users who have encountered many issues while using Windows 10. Microsoft has recently released an Anniversary updates to sort out most of the bugs. Some users are unable to upgrade their Windows because of varied issues. However, these issues can be resolved with a get instant help tech experts for Windows 10. Read more at:

Even with this Anniversary updates there are also many users who are still experiencing some issues with Windows 10. Here, one can approach to Windows experts via toll-free number for tech experts available 24*7 for Windows. Anyway, you can also adopt some hacks shown in this post to have solution for Windows 10 issues. So, let’s have a look at that:

Activation issues

Many users are reporting for difficulties in Windows 10 activation. After installation of Windows 10, you should wait for sometimes to have its activation. However, if it doesn’t get activated itself then you can have some Windows experts’ assistance.

Chrome creating issues

Chrome users face bunch of issues after Windows 10 installation. Here, it may be that your Chrome version is not compatible with Windows 10. So, here you need to upgrade Chrome with its’ latest version.

Favorites missing from browser

The new Edge browser is much better than Internet Explorer that can be used easily with no trouble. But, like other software it nay also falls in trouble, so you are missing your favorites. Thus, to recover your favorites you need to click on button to open menu and then settings. Now, you need to scroll to import favorites from other browser and choose old browser and click on Import.


Connectivity issues

A number of users have complained for this connectivity issues that their Wi-Fi frequently gets disconnected. This is common across all Windows version, so here you can use that common procedure as it was for Windows 7 or 8. After applying solution procedure, you need to reboot your system.

Stop third party antivirus installation

If you want to have your system protection with inbuilt anti-malware software, then need to remove third party antivirus software completely from your system. Windows Defender automatically gets deactivated on third party antivirus installation, so active it after removing that third party antivirus software.


These are some of the issues that you can get resolved with the help of above shown tips. However, if you need to learn more about Windows 10 update issues then you can connect with Windows 10 technical support number.