With the advent of Outlook 2016, there are still some users who are using Outlook 2007 because of ease accessibility and friendly features. It has varied amazing features due to which it is being used by people at present day also. But, at the same time, there are some issues about which users have complained and repeatedly asked for a take online tech support service for MS office 2007. Recently some users have reported for Outlook 2007 search problem. However, a problem is natural after certain duration of time, so you shouldn’t get worried. Read more at:


This Outlook search problem is natural when you have been using Outlook for a long time. With its’ you can easily make a search for and return emails. Anyway, if you didn’t receive the return of items you actually need, it most likely means that your.pst and.ost file is corrupt. So, here you can either have a MS Outlook tech support helpline number or you may also try solution procedure shown in this post.

Fix search or indexing problem in Outlook

Check for Outlook items that can be indexed

Indexes such as .ost and .pst files that comprise of complete email accounts you have already connected with your Outlook clients. Now, if you are using Microsoft Exchange Server, then you need to make sure that you are connected with Exchange server. As, if you are not connected to it, your search indexed won’t going to work.


Check for files you wish are included or not

The search may not work if your file is not included in the list of files to be indexed. In order of doing this in a perfect manner, you need to follow the steps as shown below:

• First, click on Tools>Instant Search>Search options.

• Now, just under the index message in the data files look for the files and folders that are indexed.


• In the navigation section, click on email.

• Select the items that you need to index in the list.

• Restart Outlook.

Check whether indexing is completed or not

• Here, first, go to Tools >Instant Search and Indexing Status.

• You will get a pop-up box showing that you have ‘0 items remaining’. If you didn’t receive this pop-up message, your indexing is not completed.


These are some ways, by following which you can find solutions for Outlook 2007 search problem. However, if you find information not sufficient to have a solution, you can consult Outlook experts through Outlook technical support number.