Outlook has become one of the perfect emailing applications that have really changed the way of doing email. Along with email, it helps in doing many other activities to manage complete personal and official tasks in a sequenced way. It is frequently needed in your daily task, so like the other daily applications; it also needs a proper maintenance. Thus, to keep smoothness of its functioning you can dial a toll-free number of a technical support for Microsoft Outlook. Click here for want to more solution related to MS outlook: https://www.facebook.com/notes/andrea-t…

Outlook is a part of Office and there are varied versions of Office, among which Office 2016 is the latest one. So, Outlook 2016 is the latest one that comprises of many features. But, with its’ great features there have been also some troubles. Recently some users have reported not working on search tool. There could be many reasons for not working of search tool, so you can dial a helpline number for MS Outlook not responding to know about various causes and solutions for Outlook 2016 search error. So, let’s know about the things that you can do to get rid of this problem:

When Outlook marked for indexing

If you do not find any search result, then it may be that Outlook data file would not have checked for indexing. It’s very much important to have a proper functioning of Outlook because it may send complete email client into spiral of malfunction. Thus, to have a proper check for Outlook indexing you need to navigate for search functioning by clicking on File>Option>Search. Now, you need to go to Indexing options and then need to click on Modify.

Now, after checking marked for indexing you need to disable and then re-enable Outlook. And, for doing this you need to go through the procedure as shown below:

• Go to Indexing and deselect Outlook.

• Close your Outlook.

• Now, check in your task manager whether Outook.exe is running in process tab.

• Open Outlook again, and then choose Outlook for indexing.

Check for corrupted PST file

There could be some corrupted PST files that can cause search error with your Outlook. With the tool scanpst.exe file, you can scan the corrupted file present in Outlook.


Again form the index

You may also need to rebuild your text and for doing this you need to go through the procedure as shown below:

• First, click on File>Option> Search.

• Now, click on the button showing Indexing Options.

• Now, click on Advanced.

• With Index settings, click on Rebuild.

With all these methods you can easily get rid of search error with your Outlook 2016. However, if you want to have more information then you can dial an Outlook technical support number to have complete assistance for Outlook issues.