If the giant pop up comes on screen, it can truly be a frustrating experience. The big problem it creates is it prevents information required at that moment of time. Yes, it is true that not all the pop up ads spread over the complete screen. They come in the different forms like the video clips in the hidden window. The main thing they do is to deviate from the task and waste your time. In general, you find it tough for a solution.

Stopping pop up ads on chrome

Main revenue of Google comes by the advertisement. The company makes use of the text based advertising integrated into web pages. The fact is Google itself wants to limit the pop ups and for it is quite easy to block by web browser. Help and Tech support for pop up ads on Chrome is also available for a solution and one can make use of it if required.

Process of blocking on Google chrome

On the right hand side of browser, you have the option to tap on the menu button. This is the box having the three horizontal lines. You have the option to highlight tools option and by this, the extended menu shall be opened towards the right. Tap on the extension option. Next to the extension, click recycle bin. This you have to do for the extensions not installed on purpose. In case, you do not remember the installing, you can trash it. Next, you can go to the menu button and choose settings. You can scroll bottom of settings page and then click show advanced settings. Tap on the tab named content settings. This shall display in the new window. Go to the menu and scroll down to pop up section and then choose-Do not allow any site to show pop-ups. By doing this, the pop ups will not come. You shall be satisfied.

Process of blocking on Firefox

You can do this by the use of Firefox browser add-on or else go for the tech support service number for removing pop up ads on Firefox. You shall get the guidance. You can visit the Firefox browser and after this, tap on the orange drop down menu. It is located on the corner on the upper left.


On the right column, you shall choose the ad ons option. Just next to it, you can find the puzzle piece. By this, add on interface shall be opened. In the search bar, you have to type Adblock Plus and this is located on the upper right part of the screen. For installation, choose the current version of Adblock Plus. When you block pop ups, it is like a relief for you.