You can find pop-up annoying and it is going to spoil the experience of the web. If you are busy doing search for finding an answer to the important question and all of a sudden a big pop up hits the screen, your irritation levels are going to shoot up at that point if time. The reason is such ads hamper you from getting the information needed. This is a cause of concern. Many of the pop ups are false messages and advertisements infused by the hackers and clicking them can be harmful for your computer.

Not all fill complete screen

It is not a clear concept that all pop ups ads fill the complete screen. There are some that show audio or the video clips. We cannot say that all of them are illegitimate. Some of them are legitimate we well and provide the genuine information. Majority of them can be tricky because the goal might be to click the malicious link by user. If you are unable to deal with the pop-up issue by self and frustration level has increased, then live technical support for pop up ads on browsers is also an alternative to free from pop-ups.

Firefox- blocking the pop up ads

Firefox is a much loved browser across the world for web surfing and if there are pop ups, experience is not sound. It can lead to not only the confusion but also annoyance as well. The users shall also go for the disabling of the pop up because this is the rightful thing. In Firefox, you can disable pop up ads by following two ways. The easy method is to use the Firefox browser add-on. Also, you can block popup on Firefox with technical helpdesk by dialing their assistance number.

Use browser add on

After opening the Firefox, you can tap on the orange drop down menu that is located in the upper left corner. In the right corner, you can select the option of Add ons and next to it, can find the puzzle piece. By this, the add ons interface shall be opened. Now, you can go to the search bar located in upper right part of the screen and then type Adblock plus. Select the current version of ad-block plus for installing. Select Firefox and restart for enabling ad-on.


When you enter add on screen and click puzzle piece icon located in the left menu, can approach list of currently running extension. By Adblock plus, you shall get the running options and to achieve it, can click on options button located at right of service name. You can scroll to screen bottom to select filter preferences.