Windows 10 is an advanced operating system launched by Microsoft Corporation. It excels in features as compared to all the previous versions launched earlier by this company. Some of the familiar versions that have come in the market earlier are Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. In general, when you open CD/DVD drive, you can open it by the simple press of the button on the drive or you can do it by the help of keyboard.

In case, you are not in a position to open the drive or if there is no availability of buttons for hardware, then Windows 10 natively provides facility to take out disk by using easy procedure. All this can be done in file explorer. In case, you still are not in a position to take out the tray by these procedures, you can do manual ejection of tray from drive. This is, in fact, the last option for you. Live tech support for Windows 10 provides assistance if anyone is not able to do it by self or if one is in dire need of guidance.

Taking out the drive with the help of paperclip

You have an option to take out the drive with the help of paperclip. First and foremost, you have to make off the PC you are operating. If the drive is not opening, there can be jamming of door and the way left for this is disk removal. When you switch off the PC, disk shall stop spinning. It becomes quite easy by this way to open the drive. For the pinhole, you have to inspect door of driver. Behind the pinhole, you shall find a particular button and it can be used to make the tray eject from the disk drive. After that, you can put paperclip into pinhole. It is good if you bend away the leg. Insert paper clip in a slow way in the pinhole and bend the paperclip leg. Put slowly till it resists. Then you have to push in a gentle way till opening of drive door. Pull out drive tray and take the disc out. For closing the drive, you have to push the tray back.

Opening by file manager

For this, you have to first close application that is currently opening the drive. After this, you can open file explorer and eject the disc out. A similar procedure can be followed in computer with Windows 7 and for any assistance in such a case, helpdesk number for Windows 7 is readily available and shall guide.

Other method

There is other method of ejecting the drive and it is from inside the computer. In this case, you have to remove side panel of computer. If you follow procedure correctly, you shall not find things difficult.