Intuit has done really good job by creating QuickBooks point of sale. This is, in fact, the best as far as the availability in the market is concerned. It permits sales tracking, customers as well as the inventory in fast manner and with ease. In this particular accountancy software, you shall get the basic and pro versions. In the Pro version, you get everything you imagine for POS under the sun when it comes to the features but it is not necessary all of these features may be utilized for small business. This is the reason probably Intuit designed the basic version also.

The checkout system

This is the point where occurring of sales transaction happens. Overseeing of the selling process also happens here. By the help of checkout system, vouchers and track inventory are created and printed. Two advantages associated with this are the reliability and efficiency. The truth is latest version of the QuickBooks POS associated with features that are far ahead compared to the previous versions. By the features of the new version, you can save both the time and energy during the management of the inventory. Any additional detail can be taken from instant online support for QuickBooks point of sales. By the help of the new version of QuickBooks Point of Sale, you get the handling capability despite whether in stock or out of stock. When the item is sold, this particular software automatically makes the inventory count down. When the product is given back, it gets added to the inventory list. By this, issue related to over and under stocked inventory gets resolved.

QuickBooks POS

By help of QuickBooks point of sale pro, you can do tracking of layaways and sales orders with the help of UPC codes or the serial numbers. With QuickBooks POS, you have a strong customer service for the happiness of the customers. It is much like the genuine 24*7 online tech support for QuickBooks sales tax where utmost care is taken for customer issues. By the POS, the information of the customer is tracked. It also tracks the purchases of the past so as to have the knowledge about their products and brands.

In the basic version of the QuickBooks POS, you are not permitted to steal the shipping addresses. You also cannot establish a reward program for the genuine customers. By QuickBooks POS, everyday tasks are fast and easy. It is not tough to navigate and understand this interface. Inventory is automatically adjusted in the system and there is nothing for you to do manually. By single click, hectic processes are done fast in QuickBooks POS take for example the acceptance of debit and credit cards.


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